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Online gambling is a fun and compelling way to play all manner of casino games right from the comfort of your own home. When you sign-up for an account at Wildz Casino Canada, we’ll introduce you to a world of exciting real-money gaming experiences, where you’ll be able to play for real cash prizes in games like slots, roulette, blackjack and live dealer games.

Not only is online casino gaming much more accessible than playing at a brick-and-mortar venue, but it’s also beginner-friendly. If you’ve never set foot in a casino before but are eager to try your hand at card, table or slot games, playing at a digital casino like Wildz is the right choice. With 24/7 access and a wealth of games to choose from, you only need an internet-connected device to step into the world of online casino gaming.

In this guide for beginner casino players, we’ll cover all your burning questions, from the types of casino games you can find online to the legality of online gambling.

Different types of online casino games

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can find hundreds or even thousands of casino games to play online. Some of the most popular casino games that you’ll find at Wildz are:


Baccarat is known for being a game that attracts high rollers. In land-based casinos, baccarat features some of the highest table limits. However, casino novices will be relieved to know that online baccarat is much more accessible and beginner-friendly.
The game itself is a card game that gives the option to bet on either of two hands – the player or the banker. Two cards are dealt to each, and the objective is to predict which of those hands will total closest to 9.


The history of blackjack is the stuff of legend, but one thing’s certain: that it is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Even people who haven’t played the game will be familiar with it thanks to its presence in movies and pop culture.
Blackjack is a simple game to play, which undoubtedly contributes to its popularity. The objective is to beat the dealer by making a hand closest to 21. Online blackjack is available to play in multiple formats, from classic games to speed blackjack.

Jackpot Games

Jackpot games are online slots games that pack an extra punch in the form of larger cash prizes that can be awarded to a single player. Within the category, there are daily jackpots that deliver frequent prizes, as well as progressive jackpot slots with their accumulating prize money. Progressive jackpot slots prizes, in particular, can grow to very high amounts, particularly if they haven’t been triggered to payout for a while.

As with classic online slot games, the payouts on jackpot games are completely random.

Live Dealer

Live dealer gaming is available at Wildz for the most popular types of games that you can find in the casino. As the most immersive way to play online casino games, a live dealer game is essentially a streamed real-time broadcast of a roulette or blackjack game. While other online casino game formats are computer-generated graphics, live dealer games feature experienced dealers in physical casinos.


Slot machines, or one-arm bandits as they were historically called, have been played for hundreds of years. They’ve come a long way over the centuries, though; online slots games combine the wonders of modern technology with classic gameplay. While there’s a diverse range of themes and variants to choose from online, each with new features like sticky reels or respins, the spinning reels and vibrant symbols remain a mainstay.


Another game first invented centuries ago, roulette, like blackjack, has become a fixture in modern pop culture. Although it dates back to 18th century France, roulette can still be played today at just about any casino you can think of — including online casinos. The rules are simple and involve placing wagers on the outcome of the spin of the iconic red and black wheel.

Real money games vs free games

When it comes to playing casino games online, you’ll have two options, real money or free (play money) games. Although not every casino game on offer in a casino will be playable for free, you should still be able to find a decent selection.

Real money games are, like the name suggests, games that involve wagering and winning real money. You’ll begin by making a deposit into your casino account and then use that balance to play games like slots, blackjack, poker, etc. If you win, you’ll be able to withdraw your cash prize.

With free, play money games, you don’t need to make any deposits and can explore table, card or slots games using play credits. However, even if you do win a play money game, you won’t win a cash prize.

Understanding the odds and return-to-player (RTP)

Casino games are a matter of probabilities, and odds express those probabilities in a digestible way. Odds can take the form of ratios, such as a 1 in 2 chance of winning a game or as percentages – a 50% chance of winning a game. Odds will differ from game to game and can be affected by the type of bets that you decide to make.

In Wildz slots games, the odds (or probability) of winning are expressed as online casino Return-to-Player (RTP). This is an average percentage showing the amount of a wager the game will return to players. Take a game with a 92% RTP; this means that the game will return an average of $92 to players for every $100 they bet (in the event of a winning outcome).

Online casino bonuses in a nutshell

Bonuses at Wildz casino come in all shapes and sizes, from welcome bonuses to loyalty rewards. The most common online casino bonuses on offer are:

  • Welcome bonuses for new players
  • Extra cash on second deposits
  • Reload bonuses
  • Free spins on slots games
  • Cashback
  • Levelz

Remember always to read the small print before you use a bonus, as some may have specific wagering or deposit requirements.

How to register and make a deposit

We’re sure you can’t wait to get started playing casino games, so we’ve made registering with Wildz as easy as possible. All you need to do is create your account and make a deposit, and you can start playing straight away. To do this, simply:

  • Click the bright blue Register button on the sidebar
  • Enter your personal details
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process and activate your account
  • Once your account is active, head to the Deposit section
  • Decide which payment method you want to use to add funds to your account, be it bank transfer, credit card or eWallet
  • Follow the instructions to complete the transaction

Is online gambling safe?

When you play at a licensed casino like Wildz, you can be sure that online gambling is safe. This is because we are regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and must comply with their stringent licensing rules to be granted approval. Player protection is our top priority, so we’ll always display our license record clearly on our website.

Rest assured that online gambling is legal while you’re playing Wildz casino games in Canada. This is because we are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) to provide offshore gaming to players in the Canadian territory. Throughout the rest of the world, online gambling is legal in many places, but the rules will vary from country to country. It’s worth double-checking what they are for your place of residence.

Are online casino winnings taxable?

While each country will treat casino winnings in different ways, here in Canada, you are entitled to tax-free winnings when you play casino games. Since playing games isn’t considered viable to earn an income, the Canadian government doesn’t see casino gaming as a career.

What does responsible gambling mean?

Here at Wildz, we take responsible gambling extremely seriously. Online gambling should be a fun and enjoyable way to spend your time, so we’ve put several tools in place that will help to safeguard you from problem gaming.

Gambling responsibly means setting personal gaming limits, taking regular time-outs, staying grounded in reality and, if necessary, permanent self-exclusion. Our support team is here to help; reach out to us if you need guidance or information.

The user experience differences between online casinos and land-based casinos

Playing online casino games is dramatically different to playing games in a land-based casino — even if the rules of the games themselves remain the same. Firstly, there’s the comfort factor; you don’t need to travel or have to wait your turn for a chance to play your favourite games in an online casino. While land-based casino gaming does have a more social element to it, it’s still possible to interact with other players and dealers in online casinos, particularly during live dealer games.
Then, there are significant differences in terms of game variety between online and land-based casinos. Online casinos are home to so many different variants and formats; meanwhile, even the most prominent land-based casinos can only offer a limited selection.

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