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Second Chance Features

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Second Chance features are available in some online video slots and provide the player an additional chance at a win or triggering a bonus. Second Chance opportunities generally appear in no-win situations. They may occur at random or trigger when a specific configuration of symbols in present on the playing area.

Second Chance features include, but are not limited to:

  • Lock Reels: In cases where 2 or 3 symbols are present that can activate a bonus, the two reels with the necessary symbols may lock in place while the others are re-spun in an attempt to land the 3rd symbol.

  • Nudge Reels: If a needed symbol rests just above or below a reel, the affected reel may be nudged up or down to produce a winning combination on the reels.

  • Random No-Win Features: In cases where no win appears on a spin, random features may be triggered which place Wild symbols in the playing area, transform symbols into those needed for a win, or modify the playing area in other ways to produce a winning combination.

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