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Responsible Gaming

The issue of Responsible Gaming is one we take extremely seriously at Wildz Casino, central to our code of ethics.

We have dedicated tools in place designed to help players manage their spending limits, and further down you can find useful tips on how to safeguard against problem gambling, plus details of Professional Resources.

Personal Limits

Wildz promotes various personal gaming limits to help players control their gambling expenditure.

Available to players at all times, our limits include deposit limits and wagering limits, plus time-outs that allow players to ‘cool off’ and take a break from gambling. Most of these controls can be found under the Limits section of your account.

  • Time limit: This option allows you to set a time limit on your play, and once this is reached, the system will automatically log you out of your account.

  • Net loss limit: Choose a Net loss limit to put a stop to your gaming with Wildz once your losses have met a predefined amount - preventing you from placing further wagers.

  • Deposit limit: Deposit limits let you put ceilings on the maximum amount you can deposit into your account. Once that ceiling is reached, you’ll no longer be able to make a deposit until a certain period of time is up.

  • Wagering limit: To put a lid on the amount you can bet, you should activate this particular limit type.

You will always be able to add a completely new limit or lower an existing limit (make it more stringent) with immediate effect. A request to increase (make less stringent) or remove a chosen limit will require a 24-hour cooldown before the new limit is activated.


Time-outs and Self-Exlusions are Responsible Gaming tools that help you take shorter or longer breaks from gambling. Choose either of these options if you feel like you need some time away from gambling, or if your gambling activity is starting to get out of control.

Implementing either measure directly logs you out from your Wildz and prevents you from logging back in for the chosen time period. Please note that it is not possible to reopen your account before the chosen time period has elapsed.

Time-out options (shorter break):

  • 24 hours
  • 7 days
  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 3 months

Self-Exclusion options (longer break)

  • 6 months
  • 1 year
  • 5 years

To activate a time-out or Self-Exclusion, head to the My Account > Limits section of your account. Once activated, we promise not to send you any marketing communications from 48 hours after your request has been processed.

Should you have any questions about account exclusions or wish for our help with closing your account, please contact our 24/7 Customer Service for assistance.

Reality Checks

Reality Checks have been introduced by Wildz Casino as a way of keeping track of your gambling activity during a session. At regular intervals, messages appearing onscreen will reveal certain info around your current session, such as length of time playing and amount spent/won, while you’ll also be presented with the option to log out from your gaming session. You can activate the Reality Check and modify the time length via the My Account section of your account.

How casino games work and common misconceptions

Video slots and other online casino games are operated using an RNG (Random Number Generator) which creates a random result based on mathematical likelihood algorithms. The RNG randomly provides a result for each spin you play, once the start button has been pushed.

Some common misbeliefs among gamblers are:

  • I can influence the outcome of the game by acting in a certain way (for instance, by hitting the stop button on a slot machine at just the right time or by clicking in different patterns).
  • I can predict the outcome of games based on history.
  • Since I have lost several consecutive rounds, the next one has to be a winning one!

None of these statements are true, and the only thing that decides the outcome is the RNG. Each new game round is completely individual, and previous results do not in any way influence the next one. It is not possible to control the random result by any actions, and whether you win or lose is simply and purely up to chance.

Useful Tips

Online gambling is intended to be a fun and enjoyable experience, but for a few players it can spiral out of control due to a variety of reasons. Here’s a short list of guidelines to protect yourself and to prevent the onset of problem gambling:

  • Only gamble ‘within your means’: what you can safely afford to lose.
  • Don’t ever attempt to ‘chase losses’ - attempting to recoup what you have already spent.
  • Know when enough is enough. Put controls in place to ensure you don’t go over your betting limits.
  • Gambling + drugs/alcohol don’t mix.
  • Take some time out if you appear to be gambling recklessly or outside your usual betting patterns.

Excessive gambling can be harmful in many ways

It is very important to be aware of potential harms that excessive gambling can cause.

A better understanding of the dangers involved, gives you a higher chance of being able to counteract unhealthy habits should they occur. Catching harmful signs early can be very helpful with making sound and educated decisions in order to play responsibly instead.

Most people are aware that gambling has the potential to cause financial problems. In addition, there are several other issues that may manifest themselves.

Spending extended and excessive time on gambling can cause issues with work or studies. Spending more time on gambling can also make us neglect daily duties and cause strains on our relationships with family and loved ones due to absence and incorrect priorities. The more time we spend on gambling, the more time we take away from other life activities.

Gambling can also cause serious health issues (both mental and physical) such as stress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and insomnia to name a few.

Should you feel that you are in the risk zone of developing any of the mentioned issues or if you at any point feel like gambling is causing negative and unwanted effects on your life, please consider contacting any of the help organizations listed here below.

Third-Party Resources

If you want more information from third parties, please check out the links below for dedicated problem gambling organizations.

20 Questions

The ‘fellowship of men and women’, Gamblers Anonymous, compiled 20 Questions to allow people to discover whether they may be afflicted by problem gambling or not. If you are concerned about your gambling, or just plain curious, we encourage you to take the quiz when you have a spare moment.

We’re Here to Help

Our Customer Service team is on hand to provide you with any additional information surrounding problem gambling, and for clarification on the different Limits available to you.

At the end of the day, we want you to gamble responsibly and enjoy your time spent playing at Wildz.

It’s always worth keeping abreast of our Terms and Conditions, but if anything remains unclear, you can always reach out to our friendly Support team.

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