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Blackjack games at Wildz work just like their land-based counterparts, except for a select few exclusive online variants. No matter where you choose to play, you’ll usually find the same set of rules and standard gameplay common to all types of games.

Yet despite the similarities, there exist a number of inherent advantages playing Online Blackjack that you simply won’t find in a live setting.

Online Blackjack

Wildz Online Casino is always open 24/7, so you can get your Online Blackjack fix first thing in the morning, or last thing at night - the choice is yours! Since we never shut our doors, you’re likely to find an open table to suit you, day or night. No more waiting around for a vacant seat, forcing you to take your gambling elsewhere.

What’s more, online tools can help you keep track of your win rate, while a broader range of stakes cater to all bankrolls under our digital roof.

Live Casino Blackjack

Spearheaded by a handful of innovative outfits like Evolution and Pragmatic Play, the bourgeoning Live Casino scene adds another dimension to Online Blackjack. Immerse yourself in some authentic gaming and bring the casino to you as HD sights and sounds combine to recreate the buzz of the casino ambience. Hosted by live dealers, these games represent the perfect substitute for anyone who misses that personal touch.

How to Play Blackjack Games

Also known in some circles as ‘21’ or ‘Pontoon’, Blackjack belongs to a select group of table games that have endured as pillars of the casino landscape for centuries.

Whereas some table games feature complex gameplay, the rules for this casino staple are fairly simple. Added to an elevated RTP configuration that makes it one of the best value casino games ever invented, it’s easy to understand Blackjack’s longevity.

The aim of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over, or ‘busting’. A round of Blackjack begins with both Player and Dealer receiving two cards apiece. At this point only the Player is permitted to see both of their opening two cards, while the Dealer exposes just one to the table.

It’s worth noting that Aces can either be worth 1 or 11 in Blackjack, while Face/Royal/Picture cards share a value of 10. These comprise all Jacks, Queens and Kings in the deck.

Despite the differing interpretations in Blackjack rules, all games adhere to the following gameplay:

  • Hit: Players can continue drawing in an attempt to improve their hand. If, after all cards are drawn the Player holds a superior hand to the Dealer, they receive an even-money payout, or 1:1, on their bet.
  • Stand: If you are satisfied with your current holding, you should elect to Stand. This ends further betting on the hand, prompting the Dealer to reveal their second card and play out the hand accordingly.
  • Bust: A Player busts if their hand exceeds a value of 21. When this happens, the wager is collected by the Dealer and the hand is over.
  • Push: When Player and Dealer are tied with a hand of identical value, this is called a ‘Push’, and the bet stays in place. This is neither a winning nor losing bet.
  • Soft 17: Blackjack games require the Dealer to ‘Stand’ if they land on 17-21, but in some variants they’re forced to stand on 16. Just like the Player, if a Dealer goes over 21, their hand is declared dead.
  • Blackjack: The holy grail of all hands is the titular Blackjack, comprised of an Ace plus any card with a value of 10. Provided the Dealer does not match this hand, the Player instantly receives a payout equivalent to 1.5x the bet, or 3:2, and the hand is over. Whenever both Player and Dealer hold Blackjack hands, this results in a Push.
  • Insurance: This optional side-bet is available to Players if the Dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. Here, Players have the opportunity to purchase Insurance for a fee of half the wager. If the Dealer hits Blackjack after Insurance has been taken out, the Player gets a return of 2:1 on their bet, ending the hand. In all other cases, the Insurance bet is collected by the Dealer and the hand unfolds in regular fashion.

Whenever the Dealer shows any card other than an Ace, the Player is afforded additional options depending on their holding:

  • Two cards of the same value: Players can ‘Split’ their hand when both cards are of the same value, such as 8-8, 9-9, 10-Q, K-10. When this option is taken, the cards are now split into two separate hands that both receive further cards from the shoe. Betting on each of these new hands then continues in the normal way, with most regular actions still open: Double, Split, Hit and Stand. Splitting is typically advised in strategy guides if the Dealer shows an Up card worth 7 or lower.
  • Two cards equal to a value between 9 - 11: This scenario lets Players double their initial wager, also referred to as ‘doubling down’. After electing to double down, one card is dealt to the Player, concluding further betting on the hand. This is a risky strategy as you’re likely to lose the hand if you receive a card of low value since the drawing of further cards is not allowed.
  • All other holdings: If your hand doesn’t fulfil either of the above criteria, you can either Hit or Stand. Remember, the objective is try and land on 21, or as close to it, without going over.

Blackjack Odds and RTP

At over 99%, Blackjack famously offers Players one of the highest RTP (Return to Player) scores of any online casino game. On average, that means you can expect to recoup at least €99 for every €100 invested playing the beloved card game - another reason Players are lured to its green felt time and time again. Your cause is helped since tied hands are typically deemed a ‘Push’ in Blackjack - a practice unfortunately not followed in certain countries where the RTP clocks in slightly less favourably as a result.

Blackjack RTP can even stretch as high as 99.87% in some land-based casinos that opt to use a single card shoe, as opposed to multiple decks in play that bring the score down a few notches. If dealing from a total of 8 shoes, for example, RTP subsequently falls to 99.35%. Notwithstanding the small percentage point discrepancies, Blackjack remains one of the very best value games available for casino Players across the entire market.

To counterbalance Blackjack’s relatively high RTP score, the game’s weighting towards Bonus Money eligibility at Wildz has been adjusted accordingly. Check out Section 8 of our general Ts and Cs to learn more about Wagering Requirements and their impact on certain game categories.

This table displays your relative likelihood of emerging a winner in any random hand according to the Dealer’s opening card, assuming basic strategy is applied:

Dealer’s Exposed CardDealer Bust %Player Advantage
10, J, Q, K21.43%-16.9%

The data suggests that in general, the lower the Dealer’s starting card, the higher your chances of winning the hand. An optimal scenario would see the Dealer receive an Up card of 5 during any random hand - giving you a 23.2% advantage.

The Dealer’s odds tilt significantly the other way when they hold higher value cards, negating your edge all the way down to -16.9% if a card worth 10 is revealed.

Multihand Online Blackjack

At Wildz, you can enjoy most of the features found in games hosted inside brick and mortar venues. It’s possible, for example, to wager on multiple hands in any one single deal. And to ensure fairness of operations, we don’t enforce inflated minimum bets which risk pushing Players outside of their comfort zones and eat into their bankroll. Furthermore, this practice is not deemed to be in the spirit of the game.

The biggest reason Players adopt a multihand strategy is to hedge against total losses and subsequently lower the house edge. This helps manipulate the odds in a Player’s favour slightly, enhancing their win potential over time.

Types of Blackjack Games

Wildz is home to several Blackjack variants designed to accommodate players of all tastes and wallet-sizes. Why not get the party started with a few rounds playing Blackjack Party, or feel the power of Power Blackjack. Then when you’re ready, turn up the heat at a Speed Blackjack table.

We also host numerous Classic Blackjack games that capture the spirit of traditional gaming for any of you old-school fans, while Blackjack Grand VIP invites high rollers out there to pull up a chair and chance their luck. These tables are specially intended for those with slightly deeper pockets, with stakes beginning at €500 per hand.

Each of these unique variants put their own fun and exciting twist on classic table gameplay, listed alphabetically at the bottom of this page along with all other Blackjack games.

History of Blackjack

There are conflicting stories regarding the true origins of Blackjack, but most accounts trace its emergence back to the 17th century.

According to Wikipedia, a Spanish author called Miguel de Cervantes is cited as a founding father of the game. Famous for producing Don Quixote, one of the very earliest examples of modern novels and considered by some to be one of the finest literary works ever written, de Cervantes was an avid gambler himself. Among his more celebrated works, he also penned Rinconete y Cortadillo, a short piece centred around a pair of cheats working in Seville.

This tag-team were experts at systematically fleecing unwitting punters playing veintiuna (Spanish for 21), and thus, Blackjack was born! Mirroring the game we all know today, the goal in veintiuna was to get as close to 21 as possible without going over, while an Ace was said to be worth both 1 and 11, further strengthening those claims.

The halfway point of the last century saw an explosion in the number of land-based casinos all over the world spreading the game. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find Blackjack tables located in bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues with gambling licenses, owing to its unwavering popularity.

Busting Vegas

Did you ever hear about the team of math wizards from MIT University in the US who etched their name into folklore by successfully cleaning out casinos across Vegas to the tune of $10million (€8million) over a decade-long reign, applying simple Blackjack card-counting techniques? The method entails keeping track of all cards dealt, allowing Players to adjust their bet sizes and strategy accordingly.

Such was the unprecedented scale of the team’s success that the tale even made its way to paperback via the 2005 release Busting Vegas, authored by Ben Mezrich.

Online Blackjack
How to Play Blackjack Games
Blackjack Odds and RTP
Multihand Online Blackjack
Types of Blackjack Games
History of Blackjack


Do you offer Multihand Blackjack?

Yes, players can bet on multiple Blackjack hands simultaneously at Wildz.

Can I play Blackjack for free at Wildz?

Yes, our Blackjack selection includes some titles that are available in demo mode. Unfortunately, it's not possible to play Live Casino Blackjack games for free.

What is the reward for getting dealt Blackjack during a hand?

Provided the Dealer doesn't also have this during the same deal, your return is 3:2. If you were to bet €10, for example, your winnings on the hand would be worth €15 (plus your original stake).

When was Blackjack first invented?

Many people believe Blackjack dates as far back as the 17th century, when the very first version of the game appeared in a book titled 'Novelas exemplares'.

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