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Once in a while a slot comes along that makes you stop for a second. “What is this?” you ask. A slot that blurs the lines between game and slot. This can be the result of a unique new design, a different kind of gameplay, or from an array of bonus features all in the same game. Reactoonz ticks all these boxes. The slot may seem a bit overwhelming and complicated at first, but you will not need many spins before realising why this is among the most popular online slots.

This video slot from Play n’ Go is played on a 7x7 grid, uses cascading symbols and comes with a massive selection of bonus features. These include a Charge Meter which triggers 1 of 5 features, a second-chance opportunity in no-win situations, and a feature that can leave Wilds on the grid for the following respins.


The design in Reactoonz is unique and is part of what makes the game seem a bit complicated at first. On the blue 7x7 grid you find small alien creatures in different shapes and colours. These little critters all look alive, bopping up, down and sideways and looking around the grid at each other.

On the left side of the grid is a container, while the right side of the playing area has a Charge Meter and a big, three-eyed alien creature with horns. Yes, you read that right. Reactoonz has one of those designs you almost need to see to believe. It’s almost like an extraterrestrial version of Bejeweled (or Candy Crush, for those under 30).


This game makes use of cascading symbols. This means that there are no spinning reels; instead, the symbols fall from above the grid. Winning combinations in the game are formed by landing identical alien symbols in clusters; 5 or more identical symbols reward a win. As always in online slots, the more symbols matched, the bigger the win.

Cluster wins means that you do not have to match symbols on defined paylines. You win as long as you get at least 5 symbols, in any shape or pattern, next to each other on the grid. This type of game mechanics is nothing new, but what happens next is unique to Reactoonz. As previously mentioned, the game comes with an array of bonus features. These come into play when winning combinations are formed. Stand by, things are about to get complicated.

The combinations are cleared from the grid and replaced by new symbols falling from above and the Charge Meter on the right fills up. Once the wins from 25 symbols have been tallied, either from a long series of cascading respins or from separate spins, one bar on the Charge Meter fills up. There are 5 bars, or sections, in total. Each time the player fills a section on the charge meter, it places a feature in reserve for no-win situations. When the player reaches a point in the respin where no wins occur, 1 of 4 features will be enabled for the first four sections of the meter. These are the 4 features:

  • Implosion: With this feature, 3 – 6 symbols turn into Wild while they destroy nearby symbols on the grid.

  • Alteration: One random symbol is selected from the grid and transformed into another symbol. It is possible for these symbols to transform into Wilds.

  • Demolition: Destroys all one-eyed symbols on the grid.

  • Incision: The centre icon illuminates and shoots out lightning bolts to all 4 corners of the grid. All affected symbols are transformed into a random symbol.

Are you still with us? Let’s hope so - because there is more. When all 5 sections on the Charge Meter is filled, Gargantoon, the previously mentioned three-eyed alien, comes into play. And when Gargantoon gets involved, things are about to get interesting. When all other features have been exhausted and no additional combinations are on the grid, the Gargantoon feature will be enabled. First, a giant 3x3 Gargantoon Wild appears on the reels. For the next respin, two 2x2 Gargantoon Wilds appear. And finally, nine single-symbol Gargantoon Wilds appear at random locations on the reels. With this many Wild symbols on the grid, a win is virtually guaranteed.

Now, this all sounds very complicated. And it does feel a bit complicated for the first few spins. But rest assured, it’s a pretty intuitive game. Play n’ Go has also been nice enough to announce the different features on the screen when they come into play. Just give it a few spins and you get the hang of it.

Second Chance Feature

As if this feature-bonanza wasn’t enough, the game also boasts a Second Chance feature which might activate in no-win situations. If a spin with no wins occurs, 4 -8 Wild symbols may randomly drop onto the grid to help form winning combinations.

Reactoonz One-Eyed Wilds

But wait, there’s more! On every spin in Reactoonz, a randomly selected symbol illuminates. Any time a winning cluster is made with this symbol in the spin/respin, it will leave a Wild behind when the symbols are cleared from the grid.

Reactoonz On Mobile

Reactoonz almost looks more like a mobile game than an online slot, and it is therefore fitting that it runs incredibly smooth across all devices.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing via mobile, tablet or desktop, Reactoonz will work just as well on every single device. That goes for all browsers, and it also includes less popular operating systems like Windows and Linux.


Reactoonz is a volatile online slot. That means that while you might go a few rounds without winning anything, you are more likely to win big once you hit a winning combination. This is made possible by the frequent respins and the abundance of special features that comes into play when wins are made. The Gargantoon feature might not activate too often, but when it does you can expect some serious wins on the grid.

The Verdict

Play n’ Go has hit it big with Reactoonz. They have made a fresh online slot with a unique design and tons of extra features. Your interest in the game will be piqued immediately, if not just by the sheer absurdity of all the things going off on the screen.

The game seems chaotic at first glance with aliens exploding, lasers beaming and three-eyed creatures jumping around. And it is chaotic. But there is a system to it. A very rewarding one. The 4 Charge Meter features and the Gargantoon offer great value and the possibility for big wins, in addition to creating colourful gameplay full of action. With this feature-packed action, you don’t even notice the lack of a Free Spins round. There is plenty here to keep you entertained, and the frequent respins combined with the Second Chance feature and the One-Eyed Wilds ensures you are never bored. Or far away from the next win, for that matter.

While the game seems complicated, it is a highly addictive and thrilling slot experience. If you are after a unique game that offers something different, Reactoonz might just be the slot for you. Just make sure you give it a few spins to understand the different features. We think you’ll want to keep playing once you get the hang of it.

Play Reactoonz At Wildz Casino

The slot selection at Wildz Casino is ever-growing. You will find Reactoonz, and all other slots from Play n’ Go and other providers, in our library. All our slots are available for free play so you can try them out before wagering real money. Just log in to your Wildz account (New player? Register now) now to try Reactoonz.


Which provider developed Reactoonz?

Reactoonz is an online slot from industry heavyweights Play'n GO.

Does Reactoonz offer Free Spins?

The game does not offer a free spins round, but the other bonus extras more than compensate for it!

What's the maximum payout in Reactoonz?

You can win up to 4,750x your initial stake.

What is the RTP in Reactoonz?

The RTP of this highly volatile slot is set at 96.51% - above industry average.

RTP: 94.51%
Min/Max Bet: € 0.20 – 100.00
Volatility: High (10/10)
Platform: Desktop & Mobile
Developer: Play'N Go
Game Type: Slots

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