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Sweet Alchemy

Sweet Alchemy is a video slot featuring a 5x5 grid playing area with cluster wins instead of conventional pay lines. A Sugar Rush meter awards 3 different types of Wild symbols and triggers the Mix the Elixir Free Rounds when it is filled. A Treasure Chest feature awards the player a 15% boost on their main game winnings every second time a Mix the Elixir Bonus is activated.


Sweet Alchemy does not use traditional betting lines to calculate wins. Instead, this game pays when clusters of symbols are connected. A cluster is 4 or more matching symbols or wilds which are connected horizontally and vertically.

When a winning cluster is made, the winning symbols disappear, and new symbols fall from above and fill in any gaps. The player is not charged an extra “spin” as long as winning combinations are being made. This is effectively a respin feature, with the symbols falling from above rather than spinning on reels.

Sugar Rush Meter

At the beginning of each spin, a Sugar Meter on the screen counts up the number of symbols that are cleared on any spin and its respins. Filling the meter awards the player different Wild features and will activate Mix the Elixir Free Rounds when the meter is completely filled.

  • Regular Wilds: When the Sugar Rush meter is filled by 6 symbols in a spin, 2 Regular Wilds will appear at random on the playing area. When a cluster is cleared with a Wild, these Wild symbol count as any other towards the Sugar Rush meter.

  • Striped Wilds: When the Sugar Rush meter is filled with 13 symbols, 2 Striped Wilds will appear randomly on the board. One symbol will have horizontal stripes and the other has vertical stripes. If a cluster is made with one of these Wild symbols, the entire column or row will be cleared, depending on the orientation of the Striped Wild. All cleared symbols, including the Striped Wilds, count towards the Sugar Rush meter when any symbols are cleared.

  • Dotted Wilds: When 25 symbols fill the Sugar Rush meter, 2 Dotted Wilds will replace two symbols on the board. When these Wilds are part of a winning cluster, they will randomly select one symbol and clear all instances of it on the board. These cleared symbols and the Dotted Wilds count towards the Sugar Meter total.

  • Mix the Elixir Bonus: The Sugar Rush meter is full at 38 symbols. When this occurs, a Mix the Elixir bonus will be triggered with 3 rounds. However, the “spin” will continue until no more winning clusters are made. After the meter is full, 1 additional round (spin) will be awarded for every 3 symbols that are cleared from the board. The maximum number of Mix the Elixir rounds is 7.

Mix the Elixir Free Rounds

This free rounds (spins) features a 9x9 grid. On each spin, the symbols will cascade from above and any clustered wins will be calculated. Once no more wins are present on the grid, 1 of 3 Candy Spells will be triggered:

  • Mixed Candy: This will shuffle all the symbols on the grid, giving the player additional chances at winning clusters.

  • Sweet Surprise: When this spell is activated, 7 – 12 Wild symbols will appear on the board. These can be any combination of Normal Wilds, Striped Wilds, or Dotted Wilds.

  • Sugar Bombs: Sugar Bombs fall from above the playing area and destroy 7 – 15 random symbols.

When the Mix the Elixir free round begins, two random symbols are selected and placed in a box with three stars. If the minimum number of these two symbols are cleared, one star will light up and the Mix the Elixir Bonus will be activated after the Mix the Elixir Free Rounds are complete. Collecting even more of the two selected symbols can cause the two other stars to be illuminated. The number of stars illuminated when Mix the Elixir Free Rounds ends determined the value of the prizes in the Bonus.

Mix the Elixir Bonus

If the Mix the Elixir Bonus is activated, the player will be taken to a screen displaying a 5x5 grid of chocolates. Clicking the chocolates one at a time reveals a symbol which is connected to various prizes. When 3 matching symbols are revealed, its associated prize is awarded to the player. In this bonus, the player can win up to 10x multipliers on that round’s total win. Lower multipliers and those which multiply by the wager amount instead of the win can also be uncovered in this bonus.

The Sweet Alchemy Treasure Chest Feature

During the main game, for every €1 the player wins, €0.15 will be placed in a Treasure Box. After each time the Mix the Elixir Bonus occurs, the player’s character moves one position along a map. At every other interval, the Treasure Chest is unlocked, and the player is awarded that money. The Treasure Chest then resets to €0, and it again begins to accumulate at 15% of the player’s main game winnings.

Effectively, this game will pay the player 15% on top of all their winnings in the main game as long as they play long enough to unlock a treasure chest.

RTP: 94.50%
Min/Max Bet: € 0.10 – 100.00
Volatility: High (9/10)
Platform: Desktop & Mobile
Developer: Play'N Go
Game Type: Slots

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