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Teen Patti

Originating from the Indian subcontinent, Teen Patti is an exciting card game similar to three-card brag that borrows heavily from traditional poker, where your overall aim is to hold a stronger hand than the dealer.


The game is typically played with a standard 52-card deck without jokers, and begins by placing a bet (Ante). Once all bets are collected, the player is dealt three cards, before deciding whether to play on (‘Play’) or surrender their hand.

Simply matching your current bet is a safer option when you decide to play, while raising is a riskier, but potentially more lucrative move, especially if you have a relatively strong holding.

Importantly, the dealer’s hand only qualifies when holding Queen-high or above - meaning your hand is ‘pushed’ and your bet is returned if neither you or the dealer can make a higher hand than this.


Hands in Teen Patti are ranked in the following order, with a Royal Flush the most powerful holding. Note that Ace counts as High in Teen Patti, with 2 the lowest-ranked card:

  1. Royal Flush (Straight Flush running from Q-A)
  2. Straight Flush (3 cards of the same suit in sequential order)
  3. 3 of a Kind (3 cards of the same value)
  4. Straight (3 cards in sequential order but not necessarily of the same suit)
  5. Flush (3 cards of the same suit)
  6. Pair (2 cards of the same value)
  7. High Card (When none of the above hands can be made, the player’s highest card is their best holding)

Live Casino

Powered by Ezugi, a premier content provider that counts another Indian favourite, Andar Bahar, in its portfolio, players can experience the thrills of a real-life casino playing Teen Patti without leaving their home.

Leveraging its cutting-edge casino suite technology, Ezugi live-streams the game in a replicated casino studio, with games dealt by a professional team of live dealers to amplify the live casino experience.


You receive a payout when the dealer’s hand is revealed, provided you’ve not forfeited your hand and your own 3-card holding is superior to that of the dealer.

At the start of each game, additional side bets can also be placed on ‘3+3 Bonus’ and ‘Pair or Better’ betting options that let you multiply your winnings further up to a maximum 1000x, if, for example, you bet on the ‘3+3 Bonus’ when holding an elusive Royal Flush.

Volatility / RTP (Return to Player)

Teen Patti features varying degrees of volatility depending on where players decide to place their bets. The base game comes with a respectable RTP (Return to Player) of 96.63%, which falls to 95.51% in the ‘Pair or Better’ category.

The ‘3+3 Bonus’ is where you’ll find the juicier prizes at stake, but this side bet offers a considerably lower RTP of 91.44%. The bonus represents players' highest volatile option, with a lower, but potentially richer frequency of returns.

Teen Patti on Mobile

Teen Patti has been fully optimised for mobile play without compromising on gameplay quality, letting players fire up this Indian classic on the go.

The Verdict

There’s plenty to get excited about with Teen Patti, which should resonate with all poker fanatics that enjoy beating the house.

The game follows a fairly simple rulebook and the addition of side betting options keeps things interesting.

On top of this, Ezugi’s industry-leading platform brings a live casino setting into your own home for an altogether more immersive gaming experience.

Due to the game’s slightly higher volatility rating though, the best advice would be to seek out a Roulette or Blackjack table if you’re after a casino classic with a higher guarantee of more averaged size wins.

Teen Patti at Wildz Casino

Teen Patti, plus hundreds of other popular games, are available to play today at Wildz Casino. You can even try out your favourite games in free play mode before wagering any real money to decide which game is right for you.


What is the best hand in Teen Patti?

The best hand is a Royal Flush (3 cards of the same suit in sequential order), followed by a Straight Flush and a 3 of a Kind.

How do I place side bets?

Select 'Pair or Better' or '3+3 Bonus' at the start of each game to increase your win potential.

What is the maximum bet amount in Teen Patti?

The maximum bet is €1,000 in the main game; €250 on Pair or Better and €50 when betting on 3+3 Bonus.

RTP: 98.00%
Min/Max Bet: € 1.00 – 1,000.00
Volatility: High (8/10)
Platform: Desktop & Mobile
Developer: Ezugi
Game Type: Live Casino

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