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Can you help me resolve a technical error?

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If you lose connection during a betting round, you can be confident that your playing session is saved since our database records every single wager placed.

Occasionally, game providers themselves may be responsible for technical errors, the details of which will be revealed onscreen to you.

If an error persists after restarting your device, please contact Wildz Customer Support, explaining your issue in as much detail as you can. The more information you provide, the better placed we will be to resolve the situation.

Try and include information on each of the following points:

  • Game Title
  • Time incident occurred
  • Wager amount
  • General description of incident

We also suggest taking a screenshot of your issue if possible, to aid us with the investigation. You can do this through the following commands shortcuts, according to your device:

  • Windows: Win+PrtScn
  • MacOS: Shift+Command+3
  • Mobile Devices: This varies depending on mobile manufacturer. Consult your manufacturer for details.

Please email all relevant information about the error, along with any supporting screenshots, to Wildz Customer Support.

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