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Fair Gaming

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The primary task for all online casinos is to provide platforms that allow all players to have strictly the same chance of winning or losing. This is known as Fair Gaming. To find out more about what constitutes Fair Gaming in an online casino environment, read on. glossary/

Random Number Generators

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a computerised algorithm that generates a random number that which provides a random spin or draw (playing cards) to produce results, ensuring that video slots and table games cannot be manipulated. The only programming that goes into Random Number Generators is that which ensures a minimum Return-to-Player (RTP) rate at reputable online casinos.

Wildz does not control results as each game developer uses an RNG within each game created. This underpins the fact that all the RNG-based games are games of chance, there are no tips or tricks to winning, so every player has the same chance of winning or losing - the basic rule of Fair Gaming.

Return to Player

In online slots and other casino games, the Return-To-Player or RTP value is the payout percentage, or the amount that will potentially be paid back to players over an amount of time. In table games this is sometimes referred to as the House Edge. The RTP of online casino games is specified by gaming regulators to return an average minimum percentage on the total wagers back to the players. For example, the minimum RTP permitted by the Malta Gaming Authority is 92%, with Wildz delivering an RTP that provides, on average, 96.5%. With an RTP of 96%, a game will return, on average, €96 for every €100 wagered on that game. Video slots generally range from 95-97% and table games can exceed 99% RTP.

The RTP is just an average, so this does not mean that each player will receive a 95-97% return on their wagering. The RTP of a game will usually be found on its dedicated information page.

RTP vs. House Edge - what’s the difference?

The house edge is the expected advantage the house (casino) has in a particular game. This is how the online casino makes a profit over time, but it does not determine whether or not you hit a losing streak. In roulette, for example, if you place an even money bet on black in a single-zero European roulette game, the odds of winning are close to 50/50. Because of the small chances of the ball landing in the zero pocket, however, that’s not quite true. The actual odds of scooping a black bet are 48.64%, meaning that the house edge for this bet is 2.70%. This thinking applies to all casino games, although in online slots, the house edge is referred to as the RTP. In the case of RTP values, for example, a slot providing an RTP of 97% means that you can expect to win 97 cents for every euro you bet, while the house would take 3 cents, on average. Note that the term average means that while one player may win, another 10 players may lose, so while the winner may choose to take their winnings, the ones who are losing may choose to bet again and the house will make a small profit.

Licencing and fair gaming

When it comes to selecting an online casino in which to play casino games, players are advised to use licenced and regulated online casinos. There are regulated markets that apply, or refer to, certain geographical locations, so players should ensure that they are playing at a site that authorised to offer gaming services within their territory to avoid being unable to access all the services and/or assistance in the event of an issue. Bodies such as the Malta Gaming Authority have strict rules that must be adhered to before licences are provided, with practices according to those rules being maintained at all times. These are meant to protect the player.

Responsible Gaming

Online casinos have an imperative to provide access to fair, secure play as well as Responsible Gaming resources. These resources empower players in setting personal limits (time, net loss, deposit, wagering), taking time-outs or self-exclusion periods, reality checks that periodically let you know how long you have been playing for, your expenditure, and more, as well as other useful tips and links.

All of these elements combine to ensure that players can enjoy their online gaming experience.

Fair Gaming is the Wildz commitment to provide you with a fair and level playing field. Every customer that plays at Wildz has an equal chance of winning.

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