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Mega Symbols

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There are astounding volumes of online casino slots available for players to enjoy at their favourite casinos. Each one is given different treatment by game developers to differentiate it from another, whether that’s through graphic design, sound or game mechanics. While some games offer Free Spins, multipliers and bonus bet options, some do not. What every online slots game does have in common, however, are symbols. Symbols are typically used as the main feature, with players seeking to obtain matching combinations of these. Some symbols have dynamic mechanics of their own to enhance the online slots casino experience. One such symbol format is the Mega Symbol. Read on to find out more about this exciting game feature, available in selected games at Wildz Casino.

What are mega symbols?

Mega Symbols are large game symbols that appear on the playing area and cover multiple symbol locations. Mega Symbols usually appear in 2x2 and 3x3 blocks and cover two or more reels. They may also be known as Jumbo Blocks or Jumbo Symbols. They’re not present in every game and the size of mega symbols is determined by the design of an individual game, i.e., the symbols and reels present in that game.

There are other symbols that cover more than one row on a reel, Stacked Symbols and Expanding Symbols, but Mega Symbols differ from these in that they can cover two or more connecting reels. As the name suggests, they are mega in appearance and in the way that they can influence game outcomes. A mega symbol is shown as a single giant symbol; once it covers a set of positions on the reels, the position on that reel becomes the symbol shown on the mega symbol. For example, landing a 3x3 mega symbol on the middle three reels of a 5x3 reel game, and subsequently landing the same symbol as on the mega symbol on the first reel would pay out as a four-symbol win across the different pay lines in the game. If another of the same symbols was added on the fifth reel, that would be a five-symbol win.

Example of mega symbol games

Wheel of Wishes activates the mega symbol on the reels when a bonus feature (Power Spin) is triggered. In Sisters of Oz, you’re able to trigger 3x4 Jumbo Blocks of the four different Sisters of Oz, while in Amazing Aztecs, it’s possible to build a mega block that increases the size of your potential win.

Mega slots symbols aren’t common as a game mechanism but when you do come across them they can add plenty of fun to a game. Why not try out some casino games at Wildz Casino via the game lobby - many can be enjoyed for free in Demo Mode - and see if you can spot the ones with mega symbols.

You can choose games that suit your preferred style of play and get the most of your online casino experience, be sure to practice Responsible Gaming techniques, too.

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