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Progressive Slots

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Progressive slots are some of the most popular slot games around, and you will find plenty to choose from in many online casinos. Not sure what that phrase means? Keep on reading!

What’s more, if you are just starting out in the world of online casino games and would like to learn more about how to play at an online casino, here’s a very useful Casino Guide to get started.

What are Progressive Slots?

A progressive jackpot slot is one in which the total prize keeps on rising every time a player places a bet and spins the reels. A small fraction of each bet is added to the prize pot, and typically this amount is displayed in real-time on the game. They are called progressive because the jackpot total isn’t fixed; it literally keeps progressing until it is won. They are only different to regular slots due to this jackpot difference. You may notice some are dedicated Progressive Jackpot Slot games or an extension of an existing game (a Progressive version), whereas others are connected to a player network across casinos hosting a specific game provider.

How do they work?

Let’s take a closer look at how these Progressive slots work.

Once upon a time, a slots developer somewhere thought long and hard about how to create a game with an epic jackpot without the provider having to fund it themselves. The answer- Progressive Jackpots Slots! in essence, the concept is also known as stake contribution. This invention means thousands of players can all contribute a part of their stake in the hope of being the lucky winner of a high jackpot prize. As a result of this, these types of games offer much greater win potential than regular slots, and they are highly popular with players across the globe.

There are three key parts to progressive slot games. Firstly there is the “Seed”. This means the amount where the jackpot begins. Interestingly, Progressive Jackpots don’t begin at zero after the prize has been won. This is simply because the game wouldn’t be attractive play if it were at 0! The seed amount is decided by the online casino or the game developer.

Next is the contribution, which means the percentage of your stake that goes towards this jackpot. The amount can vary depending on the game provider. For example, when playing Red Tiger Games, they take approximately 3% of your stake to put into this prize pot.

Finally, there is the prize itself. Progressive Slots are Jackpot games that can reach up to the millions, making them a go-to choice for many players. However, some have lower set amounts of less than a thousand.

Where can I find one?

Here at Wildz Casino, you can find plenty of Progressive Slot games. Browse through our vast casino games library here.

Some of the most popular Progressive slots at Wildz Casino include: Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune and Divine Fortune.

How can I improve my chances of winning?

All games have a casino RTP and are entirely random when it comes to dishing out wins. Progressive jackpot games are no exception. Just sign up, place a deposit and get spinning to stand a chance of winning. The point at which the jackpot pays out is predetermined in the game’s engineering. For example, it could be a random time or jackpot size. Alternatively, it could be a fixed probability, such as 1 in 2.8 million spins. This is built into the game’s design by mathematical engineers. Then, the random number generator in the game does the rest of the work!


What is a Progressive Slot?

It's when the total prize pot in the slot keeps rising every time a player places a bet. A small fraction of each wager is added to the prize pot, and the amount is displayed in real-time on the game.

What are the most popular Progressive Slot games?

Some popular ones include Mega Moolah, Divine Fortune, Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune. We offer many Progressive Slot games, and you'll find them in our casino games catalogue.

How do Progressive Slots payout?

Progressives work the same way as other slot games. You set your betting level, hit the Spin button and get paid when you match symbols on active win lines in a winning combination.

Is there any trick to winning?

All slot machines use random number generators, meaning there's no skill involved; tips or tricks won't make you a better online slot player.

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