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In online slots there are many kinds of features and bonus rounds that can add fascinating dimensions to different games. From Free Spins to multipliers, players can enjoy multiple game mechanics even within the same game. Bonus bets are another worthwhile feature to explore that can increase the enjoyment of a particular online slots casino game. Take a closer look at bonus bets with Wildz Casino.

What are bonus bets in online slots?

Bonus Bets in video slots are optional bets that the player can wager in a game. Game developers may put bonus bets into play to add to the gameplay for players to be able to decide for themselves how to wager on specific outcomes, bearing in mind that slots are always based on luck, with Random Number Generators contributing to the outcome of the spins and bonus rounds.

Types of bonus bets

Bonus bets come in many shapes and forms, including these examples of bonus types:

  • Prebet: Games such as Golden Fish Tank offers a Golden Bet for a slightly larger wager. If free spins are triggered in the game with this feature enabled, the player receives an extra pick for free spins modifiers (additional spins, Wild reels, etc) and increases their chances of a big win free spins game.

  • Instant Trigger: In Joker Strike, the Hi Roller mode can be activated at any time. For bets between €20 - 50, spins are awarded that place Wilds and other features on the reels increasing the chances for big wins.

  • Pivotal Moments: Some Bonus Bets are offered at important moments in the game. In Flying Pigs Bingo, additional balls may be purchased for a fee after the first 30 balls are revealed.

More options to choose from

Many games include a Gamble Option where the entire win can be multiplied by choosing the correct playing card or selecting the correct symbol. Games like Ramses Book and Pharao’s Riches offer opportunities to gamble your win on the outcome of a card selection or by causing the cursor to pause on a ladder of winning numbers at a specific time. Gamble options may not be available within a game if the winning amount is too high or the game is in autoplay mode, so players are advised to check the info page for more details.

Another style of play is the option within certain games to purchase a bonus round using your bankroll, taking you directly to a Free Spins round or another game feature round to accelerate the gameplay.

It’s good practice to exercise Responsible Gaming when deciding how to approach a game, including knowing what your bankroll limit is, taking regular breaks from play and knowing when to stop. Always play at a reputable and licenced online casino like Wildz Casino for fair play and peace of mind.

Wildz Casino has a huge library of games to choose from; take a look through this handy online casino guide for an introduction.


What are bonus bets in slots?

Bonus bets are optional bets that players can wager in games. These can allow players to decide how to wager on specific outcomes.

How does the Gamble Option work?

The Gamble Option lets you gamble your entire win, and if you choose the correct playing card or symbol, your total win could be multiplied.

What bonus bets are there in slots?

There is Prebet, where you choose your bonus, Instant Trigger, which adds Wilds or other features to the game and lastly, Pivotal Moments, where bonus bets are offered at the most critical moments in the game.

Can I buy bonuses in slots?

Some slot machines offer players the option to buy bonus rounds using their bankroll. It gives players direct access to Free Spins rounds or other game features.

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