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What is a Casino Jackpot?

Jackpots are like no other prize in the casino world.

Used to describe a major win served up by a online slot, they normally represent the single biggest prize available. And since jackpots can literally make millionaires of anybody overnight, they have proved an irresistible draw for casino goers ever since they were introduced to the world in land-based machines decades ago.

The richest jackpots can occasionally stretch into considerable seven-figure territory, at which point they begin to generate widespread trade coverage, while record-breaking scores can even attract the interest of mainstream media.

The Lure of Jackpot Prizes

Jackpots often appear in headline marketing messaging, employed by online casinos and game providers as a major incentive to come and play a specific title. Some casino players actively seek out jackpot games due their tantalising potential. Nowadays, jackpot hunters are truly spoilt for choice, with a rich variety of games available at almost every turn in all shapes and sizes.

As jackpot prizes easily eclipse average casino wins, they arrive far less frequently than features such as bonus games and free spins rounds. Ensuring randomness of jackpots are pre-installed RNG (Random Number Generator) mechanics - which make it incredibly difficult to predict when they will drop, and which also help account for their popularity.

Triggering Online Jackpots

Usually, you get to play for a jackpot by triggering the corresponding bonus game, where a consecutive winning streak holds the key to its elusive top prize.

Jackpots found in classic slots, conversely, often yield far lower rewards and these games tend to eliminate the negotiation of a special bonus round. Simply aligning premium symbols according to a pre-defined configuration is what it takes to trigger a classic slot jackpot.

Jackpot Games at Wildz

Below we’ll examine the most common types of jackpots available to play at Wildz.

Fixed Jackpots

These games comes with a fixed top prize built in by their developers. The value of the jackpot remains unchanged, irrespective of the number of players spinning, or how many attempts you have. Standalone jackpots enjoy the most widespread adoption among casino game makers, and in general they serve up the lower rewards of the lot.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots either come network-pooled or locally-pooled, depending on the game and hosting casino(s).

Regardless of type, all progressive jackpots gradually build over time since they take a small portion of every single wager made - either at a single online casino or from multiple network sources, and add them into one communical (jack)pot. We’ll explain they key differences between the two types below.

Network Jackpots The most lucrative rewards of all lie behind progressive network jackpots that can spell untold riches for the select lucky few who are able to trigger a game’s top prize.

Network jackpot funds are pooled from a game’s entire network of hosting casinos - including the likes of Wildz, and only paid out once a pre-defined winning configuration is achieved by a player.

Left unclaimed for prolonged spells, it’s not uncommon for network jackpots to reach astonishingly high levels that can be worth several millions of euros - like the €17.8million payout banked by a Finnish player from just a €0,20 bet playing NetEnt-powered Mega Fortune. Best of all, he did it in the palm of his hand on an Android device. Proof that you can land a life-changing win from just about anywhere!

That record was shattered just two years later, when Jon Heywood, a former British soldier, managed to scoop a staggering €18.9million jackpot spinning the reels in Mega Moolah - arguably the most famous of all progressive jackpot titles. The most incredible part about his win: the jackpot was triggered from a meagre €0,25 bet. You don’t have to be a high roller to stand a chance at some earth-shattering prize money.

Local Jackpots

Unlike network jackpots, local jackpots are unique since they are limited to a particular online casino. With a reduced audience size contributing to local jackpots, they tend to be dwarfed by their bigger brothers described above.

Whenever you play a slot offering a locally pooled jackpot, the game will contribute a small percentage of every wager made at the site into a communal pot. The first player who achieves a specific winning configuration at that casino is then the lucky beneficiary of the jackpot, similar to how their ’network’ counterparts operate.

Local jackpots tend to dish up moderate sized prizes, but they have been known to reach into the millions on occasion. That’s why the very best local jackpot games still offer huge appeal for slot enthusiasts.

If you feel like some thrilling local jackpot action, try out Ozwin’s Jackpots. The enchanting video from leading software suite Yggdrasil comes with five separate progressive jackpots ranging from ‘Novice’ through to ‘Archmage’.

Are There Limits to Jackpot Prizes?

In the case of progressive jackpots games, the sky’s the limit with regards to how high an online casino jackpot can grow.

‘Pooled’ / progressive jackpots continue to build infinitely upon every single wager placed until they’re claimed - at which point the jackpot is reset back to a pre-programmed floor level. Once the top prize is won in Mega Moolah, for example, the minimum amount possible from the game’s highest jackpot, the ‘Mega’, is brought back down to its baseline amount of €1,000,000. Land the game’s Mega jackpot at any time and you are an instant millionaire!

In reality, once jackpots start to creep into the several millions of euros, it’s never too long before they’re paid out due to the additional traffic generated. This can often lead jackpots to grow by seven-figure sums in just a matter of days as the entire online casino industry at large, along with onlookers further afield, all begin to take notice and decide to take a shot.


Are jackpot games available at Wildz?

Yes, Wildz Casino offers a variety of online jackpot slots, including some of the most popular jackpot games ever created.

What is the record for the biggest online jackpot ever won?

The current record-holder for the biggest online jackpot prize in history is Jon Heywood of the UK, after he won €18.9million from a 25p stake (€0,25) playing Mega Moolah.

Is Mega Moolah on offer at Wildz?

Yes, Mega Moolah, along with scores of other network jackpot games, can be found in our comprehensive game library.

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