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Monopoly LIVE

If there’s a household name when it comes to board games around the world, Monopoly surely holds the leading title. This game has entertained families, couples and friends for decades, even if it sometimes leads to disagreements! Who can resist the chance to become a real estate mogul, owning entire neighbourhoods in swanky parts of the biggest cities? At the same time, players stand to rule over the bank with their fortunes, all the while avoiding both the taxman and jail.

Evolution Gaming as one of the world’s premier online casino games developers has taken this remarkable title to the next level by bringing it firmly into the modern era, reimagining it as an entertaining casino game in the form of Monopoly LIVE. Since 2019, the augmented reality graphics have thrilled players as they see their favourite board game transformed into a 3D extravaganza with a chance to win Real Money!

You’ll encounter instantly recognisable symbols and icons, streets and play options in this brilliant version of the game, along with the jaw-dropping introduction of Evolution’s Dream Catcher wheel. Join Wildz Casino and Mr. Monopoly himself as we take a closer look.


The somewhat sedate board game comes to life online, with a familiar, yet dramatic setting that at once makes you realise that the game means business. You’ll see the iconic red and white logo along with the nattily-dressed Mr. Monopoly in his top hat. He’s ready to usher you around the virtual board in vivid 3D as you explore they city blocks familiar to any player of the offline version (the original one, of course, set in London, England). This setting is also where you’ll discover the life-sized Dream Catcher wheel that drives the action forward along with the live presenter who changes every now and then, being a live human being! Of course, if you play the game a few times, you will come across the same presenters and get to know them, too. Skyscrapers and hot air balloons add to the urban energy, encouraging you to become the property genius you’ve always wanted to be.


In Monopoly Live the giant wheel provides the action in a wheel of fortune format. The host spins this wheel, and the ticker at the top of the wheel will land on one of 54 segments marked either 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls.

To obtain a win, all you need to do is to guess the outcome of the spin correctly so that the ticker lands on your selection. You’ll then see your stake multiplied accordingly for the win: If you wagered correctly on 2, your win is double your stake, while you can score a tenfold win if you backed segment 10. Collect enough smaller wins and you start to build up your bankroll, although the heat is on when the game’s feature highlights come into play.


If you can land on the game’s two Chance wheel segments, Mr. Monopoly appears bearing rewards. These include a random card with an instant cash prize or else a multiplier spin bonus.

Multiplier Bonus

  • Multiplier bonuses are set by a new spin of the wheel while all current bets stay locked in place; the resulting outcome is applied to your bet if you backed Chance pre-spin. Winnings can also gain a boost if the spin arrives at yet another multiplier, which is then applied to the first. These potential unlimited recurring multipliers, can provide superb returns, if good fortune is with you!

Instant Cash Prize

  • Should the Chance card reveals a cash prize, this will be awarded to anyone who bet on the wheel during that spin for a reward that ranges from 5x to 100x their stake, a great interruption in a fun game experience.

Get rolling

Players concentrate on obtaining a 2 or 4 Roll segment in a wheel spin, since this makes the action come to life in Monopoly LIVE. Suddenly, Mr. Monopoly invites you to tour a virtual board with him, complete with the familiar street names of the original.

Augmented reality presentations of street spaces as properties are there as well as the popular squares, Community Chest and Go. Properties come with starting values between 1 and 100. Mayfair is the top property, the neighbourhood with the biggest price tag in the game. Watch as the starting values rise according to the segment you bet on in the previous base game. Betting on 2, for example, will see the values of all properties in the Rolls round doubled to 2 to 200.

Properties increase in value in the game to become even more desirable, so you could feasibly scoop a win on Mayfair worth a whopping 10,000x with the help of a Chance multiplier card! That’s the nature of real estate, a dynamic form of business that’s anything but predictable.

A pair of digital dices are rolled twice or four times to kick off this round, sending Mr. Monopoly on his trip. Each time he lands on a square with property, a cash prize is unlocked equal to the value of that property. Throwing a double will increase his trip duration.

Should he make it past Go, each of the values receives a 2x price boost. The fate that awaits you behind Chance and Community Chest are less clear-cut, however, while the Taxman will come calling if this square is triggered. Don’t get stuck in jail!

Monopoly LIVE on Mobile

Evolution Gaming is all about offering games that are optimised for mobile so as many people as possible may play, no matter what their preferences are. You can enjoy all the features of this rich content game on a desktop PC or via mobile on your smart phone or tablet, it’s up to you.


Monopoly LIVE comes with a high volatility rating so you can expect to go a few rounds without a win, although large wins may come about when all the features act accordingly. The RTP rate is set as lower than average, so you’ll need plenty of patience and a generous bankroll to make the most of this online casino game.

The Verdict

The challenge of taking a global brand such as the Monopoly board game and translating it into an engaging online casino game is huge and not many companies would be up to the task. Evolution Gaming hasn’t just managed to recreate the game, they’ve enhanced it in a cohesive way that will appeal to fans of the offline game as well as casino games enthusiasts. The opportunity to play and win while hopefully becoming a real estate guru is extremely appealing, and the developers have created a fun version of the game that literally comes to life in 3D splendour. You’ll love the engagement with the live presenters and will probably be able to overlook the low RTP, since the entertainment factor is so high.

Play Monopoly LIVE at Wildz

You can play Monopoly LIVE at Wildz Casino, bearing in mind that this is one of the few games which isn’t available for free play in Demo Mode, so if you play for Real Money, perhaps start out with a cautious wager or two on the low end while you figure out the gameplay. There are loads more classic games available to try, including exciting pokies and other casino games, too.

RTP: 93.40%
Min/Max Bet: 0.10 – 5,000.00
Volatility: High (8/10)
Platform: Desktop & Mobile
Developer: Evolution
Game Type: Live Casino

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