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Introducing Live Casino

The fastest growing game category right now, Live Casino lets you enjoy traditional table games found in most land-based casinos across the world from the comfort of your own home.

For a truly authentic experience, these games feature a live dealer who will perform shuffling and dealing of the cards in a replicated live setting, just as you would expect in a brick-and-mortar environment. The human dealer has access to a screen which displays all player bets plus the moves each player makes from their own digital device (bet, double, split, etc) – which prompts the dealer to act accordingly.

So, how can you play these games from just about anywhere? Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, a live video feed is sent to players from a land-based studio that houses the games. Fire up a Live Casino offering to discover your dealer operating each betting round and get ready to bring the casino into your own home. These games are ideal for anyone that enjoys the thrills of the live casino environment without all the hassles it entails.

All bets and any subsequent winnings are linked directly to your own Wildz account, just like any other online casino game offered by us. What’s more, payouts all get credited immediately, so you’ll never be waiting long to get hold of your winnings.

Types of Live Casino Games

The genre encompasses a wide range of table variants designed to accommodate all tastes at Wildz. Expect to find casino staples such as Roulette and Blackjack sharing digital floor space with Hold’Em Poker, 3-card Poker, Baccarat, and even Craps - which debuted at Wildz in late 2020.

And good news for any wannabe high rollers. You no longer need to head to Monaco for some high stakes action, as a selection of games offer larger betting options at Wildz.

Increasingly, dedicated content providers like Evolution are committed to expanding their product offering by diversifying into new and unexplored areas of Live Casino that put a fresh twist on the game category.

The simple game Football Studio invites players to bet on the outcome of a ‘match’ by predicting which team, home or away, will conquer each betting round. Participating couldn’t be simpler: it’s a straightforward high/low affair, with a win priced at even money and a draw in the offing at 11:1 if you’re hungry for a side bet.

Evolution are also creators of the revolutionary Dream Catcher wheel that shook up the online gaming industry when it burst onto the scene at the back end of 2018. In the eponymous Live Casino offering, bets are placed on different segments around the wheel, with some containing large multiplier values. Naturally, these segments are much fewer in number, and thus big multiplier wins don’t crop up all that often.

While the category is constantly evolving, most Live Casino titles remain centred on the more familiar table games mentioned previously.

Live Casino Rules and RTP

Essentially, the rules for Live Casino games are identical to those you will find in their digital counterparts, while both variants also share the same theoretical RTP (Return to Player) scores that govern the expected return players can expect on average - regardless whether played at Wildz or down your local brick-and-mortar casino.

In one marked difference, hands dealt in electronic table games are generated by a built-in RNG (Random Number Generator) to ensure true randomness of each deal, whereas Live Casino hands are randomised by a shuffle performed by the human dealer.

Some games occupying the category are famously high in RTP. As an example, the all-time classic card game Blackjack promises an RTP over 99% - way higher than most online slots that tend to hover around the 96% mark, and representing the best value for any casino enthusiasts out there. What that means is you can expect to recoup at least $99 for every $100 wagered playing the game at Wildz in the long run.

The Benefits of Live Casino

If you like the human element of a live dealer but dread the hassle of a land-based environment, then Live Casino may be the perfect option for you. Here are some of the major benefits offerered by Live Casino games:

  • No need to travel: Travel can eat into your leisure time and dampen even the pluckiest of spirits, especially if you live in a big city. Fortunately, Live Casino can be played from the confines of your own home, or equally, out and about via your handheld device – the choice is yours! Forget about long, arduous train rides, and bring the casino right into your own living room.

  • Any shirt will do!: Most land-based casinos require customers to come suitably attired before they can gain entry. Not Live Casino, which lets you play in your most comfortable ensemble. You can gamble in your pyjamas if you feel like it, without having to shower or look presentable - a great way to unwind after a long day.

  • Distraction-free: The physical casino environment is not for everyone. Often, the mix of external noises, irritating drunk players, gaudy flashing lights and non-stop chitter chatter can make you want to get up and leave. Conversely, the virtual Live Casino realm throws up none of those inconveniences.

  • Be left to your own devices: Those pesky, pushy waiters can be a source of constant irritation when sat in a real life casino, but their absence is notable with Live Casino games! So, too, is that of overbearing security personnel casting disconcerting glances in your direction.

A Brief History of Live Casino

Live Casino games are a fairly recent phenomenon on the online casino landscape. Their origins can be traced back to 2003, when the very first product adopting Live Casino technology entered the market. In the early years, games dominating the space like live Roulette and Blackjack relied on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to relay data from roulette wheels and playing cards back to computer systems, where it was subsequently displayed to players on desktop devices.

The rapid advances in technology that followed allowed these games to be played across modern mobile devices for the first time. Fast forward several years, nowadays you’ll struggle to find a Live Casino game that’s not offered for seamless mobile play as well as desktop.

Presently, a handful of innovative content creators operating in the Live Casino sphere enjoy something of a stranglehold on the industry. Powerhouses such as Evolution and NetEnt are renowned for their revolutionary games that have broken new ground in recent years and pushed the boundaries of capabilities.

Evolution followed up the previously mentioned Dream Catcher with Monopoly LIVE, the exciting 2020 release that adds a whole new dimension to board game play by transplanting an iconic game into the digital realm.

Yet, despite the explosion in games benefiting from sophisticated software or novel concepts, it’s those table classics like Blackjack and Poker that still make up the bulk of Live Casino offerings.


What are Live Casino games?

Live Casino games are operated by real life dealers and broadcast to players in real time - mimicking a land-based casino experience.

Which Live Casino games are available at Wildz?

Wildz is home to a collection of Live Casino table games like Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Baccarat, along with other games exclusive to the online arena such as Dream Catcher and Football Studio.

Are there any unique Live Casino games to play?

Yes. Thanks to a partnership with Evolution, you’ll find our own branded Wildz Blackjack in the Wildz Live Casino library.

Are Live Casino games free-to-play?

We regret that Live Casino games can only be played with Real Money at Wildz Casino.

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