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How to Play Roulette

While its roots are somewhat shrouded in mystery, most people consider Roulette to date as far back as the 18th century, when the first incarnation was devised by a French math genius by the name of Blaise Pascal.

The casino classic has remained one of the most beloved table games ever since, immortalised in numerous Hollywood blockbusters down the years. Just about anyone who’s ever stepped food inside a casino has enjoyed a spin on its exquisitely crafted wooden wheel, lured by the prospect of ‘bringing down the house’.

Nowadays thanks to the wonders of modern technology, New Zealand online casino players can enjoy both purely digital and Live Casino versions of Roulette from wherever they please, powered by a handful of leading software suites. No longer do you need to venture down your local casino for a quick Roulette fix, as advances in mobile software give players total freedom over their gambling choices.

The more popular European version of this famous spinning wheel contains 36 separate segments in alternating red and black colours, along with a solitary green segment that displays the number zero (0).

With one extra wheel slot, American Roulette features two separate green numbers: the zero and the double zero (00). The inclusion of this second zero number effectively doubles the casino’s advantage and consequently, players are provided with a less favourable RTP (Return to Player) setting.

Online Roulette Bet Types

After the wheel has stopped spinning and the current game round is over, you can place a bet in Online Roulette by clicking on a graphical representation of the casino chips that appear in the game controls. Virtual casino chips display values in your local currency, as is often the case at a brick and mortar establishment.

Next, signal where you want your chip/s to be positioned on the table by clicking on those desired space/s. Multiple bets can be placed during any one game round.

Once you’re ready, hit SPIN to release the ball and watch as it makes its way round the wheel, before coming to a stop in one of the 37 numbered segments.

A win is achieved if the ball finishes up in a segment included in your current bet. Depending on the type of bet you placed, you will receive a payout proportionate to your wager amount, which is automatically credited to your Wildz account balance.

Here are the different types of bets available in a standard Online Roulette game.

Inside Bets

These bets are placed on table numbers, including zero (0) and double zero (00).

  • Straight Up, 5:1 - Arguably the most well-known of all Roulette bets, a Straight Up bet is one placed on any individual number, guaranteeing a return of 35 times your bet. At a standard European table, all numbers have an equal 2.7% likelihood of landing after a spin.
  • Split, 17:1 - Split bets are placed between two adjacent numbers. If the ball lands on either of the two backed numbers, you’ll win 17x your stake.
  • Street, 11:1 - This bet type covers three numbers in a row, signalled by placing a chip on the outside line below the lowest number. Help yourself to an 11x win if this bet comes in.
  • Six Line, 5:1 - Choose this option to bet on six separate numbers located in two consecutive rows, such as 4-5-6 and 7-8-9, for a possible 5x payout. Your bet is registered by dropping the chip on the corner between the two selected rows.
  • Corner, 8:1 - Corner bets are placed when you want to back a combination of four numbers. To do this, place the chip on the corner sharing all four of those numbers. It’s possible to include the number 0 in Corner Fbets by positioning a chip where the bottom 0 corner meets the first row. With a 10.8% chance of being successful, Corner bets return 8x your stake.

Outside Bets

An outside bet is one placed on a group of numbers. Check out the most common types:

  • Column, 2:1 - These bets cover twelve separate numbers situated horizontally, and pay out the sum of 2 times your bet.
  • Dozen, 2:1 - Promising the same odds are Dozen bets that cover zones of the board, consisting of three numbers across four different rows. Set your chip in one of the three outer sections marked ‘1st 12’, ‘2nd 12’ or ‘3rd 12’ to make this bet.
  • Red/Black, 1:1 - As it sounds! Bet on one of the two main colours, Red or Black, denoted by large coloured segments located under the ‘2nd 12’ box. Regarding your potential returns, Red/Black bets are a straightforward even-money proposition.
  • Even/Odd, 1:1 - Offering the same odds as Red/Black, you can also bet on the outcome of the spin between Odd and Even. Place your chips in the corresponding box to either side of the Red or Black segments if you wish to make this particular bet type.
  • 1 to 18 / 19 to 36, 1:1 - For more even-money returns, position your chips in one of the far outer boxes to make a 1-18 or 19-36 bet, which lets you cover half the non-green numbers on the table.

Call Bets

Ever wondered what the racetrack is for? This separate betting area manages ‘Call Bets’ - presumably named since punters call out their bet to the dealer operating the table.

When you want to place bets on a series of numbers as they appear on the wheel itself, and not necessarily according to their table positions, these are known as Call Bets.

Instead of placing your chips across the table felt, common practice at a casino venue is to announce your Call Bet to the croupier, who would then proceed to place your chips in the appropriate sections on the felt. Alternatively, you can also make these bets by positioning the desired number of chips on the corresponding section of the racetrack. This is launched by clicking the Racetrack icon that appears on the bottom left of your screen.

The following list reveals the regular types of Call Bets you’ll find playing Roulette at Wildz:

  • Neighbours and Numbers: The most well known Call Bet contains a single number plus its neighbours that sit either side on the wheel, up to a maximum of 8 numbers. The odds of a Numbers bet succeeding vary depending on the number of wheel segments included in your Neighbours bet: the higher the amount, the better your odds. To counter this, you can expect a lower payout whenever these bets are successful.
  • Zero: This bet is more commonly found in European Roulette settings due to the solitary 0 in play. Zero bets cover the two numbers to the left of the 0, plus the four to the right. All together, these make up 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32 and 15.
  • Tiers: Covering precisely one third of all red/black segments, a Tiers bet is made up of twelve consecutive numbers as they appear on the wheel: 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 16, 23, 24, 27, 30, 33 and 36.
  • Voisins: The seventeen numbers: 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, and 25 comprise Voisins bets.
  • Orphelins: Aptly name in French, this bet contains the eight ‘orphaned’ wheel numbers not included in either Tiers or Voisins bets: 17, 34, 6, 1, 20, 14, 31 and 9.

In addition to the more common bets outlined above, there are some rarer Call Bet options that you may encounter playing Roulette at Wildz.

Special bets like ‘Finales en plein’, ‘Voisins du zero’, ‘Tiers du cylinder’, ‘Orphelins a cheval’ and ‘Black’ and ‘Red Splits’ are located via the ‘Favourite Bets’ option under the main playing felt.

Many Roulette games also give you the opportunity to save a betting combination in order to place this bet much faster in future. To do this, click on the ‘Special Bets’ icon, then ‘Favourite Bets’ tab, where you’ll be able to store all your favourite bets for quick use.

Roulette Payouts

This table gives an at-a-glance view of the payouts for popular Roulette bets:

Bet TypePayout
Straight Up35:1
Six Line5:1
1 to 18 / 19 to 361:1

European v American Roulette

As mentioned briefly, there are two main versions of Roulette: European and American. Players continue to flock to European tables with far greater frequency than American ones, mainly for the reasons explained below.

The additional double zero (00) present in American versions is the overriding difference between the two. This extra wheel segment swings the house edge further in the casino’s further, up to 5.3%. At just 2.7% in comparison, European Roulette offers casino establishments roughly half the profit margin of their American counterparts.

There is another key difference between the two games which may influence which table you decide to sit at, and again it involves the use of zero numbers.

Whenever the ball arrives at one of these two segments in the American version, any Outside bet becomes a loser and the chip is subsequently removed by the croupier. In this instance, European Roulette once again proves a more enticing proposition. Your fate now depends on the specific French variation adopted by each casino if you have an active Outside Bet placed when the ball lands in 0 or 00:

  • La Partage: This variation sees any Outside bets split in half. You get to recoup one half of the bet, with the other taken by the casino.
  • En prison: Think of this as a type of ‘pushed’ bet. When En prison is applied, the bet remains ‘imprisoned’, in place for one further betting round - that is unless the ball finishes up in another 0 number for second successive spin. In the latter scenario, your bet is deemed a losing one and collected by the casino.

Itching for some Roulette action but don’t quite feel ready to play with real money? Or maybe you’d like to try out some of the bets we’ve described in a risk-free setting? Don’t forget, all purely digital versions of Roulette are available in free-play demo mode at Wildz. We regret that due to the way Live Casino games are broadcast, the option isn’t possible for this casino game category.

If you ever thought Roulette fairy tales belong to the movies, then check out this astonishing clip of a California-based woman who defied the odds by correctly betting on number 16 three times in a row - all 10 years apart, to celebrate each birthday. The chances of that happening? 1 in 54,872.

Roulette Rules
Online Roulette Bet Types
Roulette Payouts
European v American Roulette


Can I play Live Casino Roulette at Wildz Casino?

Yes, Wildz offers a selection of Live Casino Roulette games powered by a leading line-up of industry providers.

What Roulette variants are there to play?

In our casino game lobby you'll find a number of Roulette variations such as Speed Roulette, Instant Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, Deutsches Roulette and Immersive Roulette, among others.

What is the difference between European Roulette and American Roulette?

American Roulette has one extra number - the double zero (00), which trims players' odds on each spin.

How do I place a Straight Up bet?

Click on the virtual chips displayed in the game interface, then click on your desired wheel number/s on the digital table felt.

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