V.I.P. Guest Streamer Evil Jared Visits Spinz Casino

November 2022: Spinz Casino got to enjoy a fun time of interaction with Evil Jared, former bassist with the Grammy-nominated Bloodhound Gang. The outrageous and gifted musician demonstrated why he's a natural entertainer as a guest streamer, much to the amusement of fellow presenters.

Spinz Casino - the revolutionary live-streaming casino

Engaging presenters, regular streaming and TV shows make Spinz an online casino like no other. Players and streamers get a fantastic opportunity to shoot the breeze while discussing some amazing slots action. To make this space even more exciting, you never know who could hit the studio as a guest streamer. Evil Jared is just one of many visiting celebrities who love to hang out for a chat at Spinz Casino, a partner site to Wildz as one of the Malta-based Rootz Ltd-operated online casinos.

Getting to know Evil Jared


"Evil" Jared Hasselhoff is widely known as the bass player for American rock outfit, Bloodhound Gang. The band is known for huge hits "The Bad Touch" and "Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss". Jared, who played with the band from 1995 -2015, is known for his outrageous stage antics and his unique style of playing. They are known for their crude and sophomoric sense of humour, with the band's output sometimes being defined as "comedic rock". During interviews the whole band would often make jokes and try to make their interviewer laugh. Their video clips were often explicit, featuring nudity, chaotic performances and bizarre props.

Evil Jared takes a spin

Evil Jared's debut guest streamer performance delivered a high energy experience enjoyed by players at Spinz Casino. His natural, chilled humour is ideally suited for this environment where expecting the unexpected is the nature of the game. He's no stranger to the wild ride offered by online entertainment, with a presence across a variety of platforms, including Twitter, Twitch and Instagram. Spinz is all about making dynamic connections, something that's second nature to this life-long performer. Viewers got to enjoy razor-sharp, rapid-fire comments and plenty of laughs - a show to remember!

The Spinz YouTube channel is a treasure trove of streaming highlights, including this Crazy Keyboard Challenge with Evil Jared:

What's next on live stream?

If you haven't discovered Spinz Casino yet, you're in for a treat. To explore the action, visit www.spinz.com and click on the "live stream" tab. You'll find a space where you can enjoy an interactive slots experience that brings a new dimension to this leisure activity, with comments, tips and fun presented by the knowledgeable and engaging live streaming team. Be sure to check in, you never know who the next V.I.P. guest streamer could be. International and local celebrities love the atmosphere in Malta, the perfect spot to enjoy an unforgettable gaming experience.

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