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A quick search for online casinos in your area will reveal multiple options that are available, but selecting one at which to play games may seem daunting. The first step in making this important decision is in establishing the trustworthiness of a platform. In other words, ensuring the safety and security of an online casino is essential, from the ways in which private and personal information is handled to being able to make deposits and withdrawals with ease and confidence. Wildz Online Casino is a platform that offers customers the kind of peace-of-mind play experience that comes with enjoying a reputable, licensed and registered casino that uses the latest technology to safeguard their information and privacy. Read on to find out about the different ways in which this assurance is provided.

Understanding Online Casino Security

Enjoying online casino security comes from a combination of complex factors being considered, with each element working in harmony across the full customer experience. These elements include data privacy (the accessing, processing and storing of personal data), compliance (ensuring that all regional and local regulations and guidelines are met), encryption (SSL) - ensuring privacy, authentication, and data integrity in internet communications - and the ways in which data is collected and used in general in the online casino environment.

These form the bedrock of online casino security and privacy.

Security measures at Wildz Casino

The management and processing of customer information in ways that prioritise customer privacy in online security. Right from the start, rigorous processes are followed through the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, all governed by an end-to-end framework contained in the Privacy Policy | Wildz Casino.

Licensing and regulation

Around the world, different regions, territories and countries have a varied approach to online casino gaming. Wildz operates under these stringent guidelines that are in place to protect consumers in every region in which the company offers online casino services.

Each market carries out continuous region-specific monitoring to ensure player protection. Here are the current licensing details for the different markets in which Wildz is available:

Wildz.com is a Rootz Limited casino, a company registered and licensed to operate gaming activity under the laws of Malta - company registration number C83903, having its registered office at Ewropa Business Centre, Level 3-701, Dun Karm Street, Malta. When signing up at Wildz.com, you enter into an agreement with Rootz. Rootz is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (“MGA”), under licence number MGA/B2C/599/2018. Wildz also holds valid licences within the regulated markets of Germany and Ontario.

Licensing and Regulation offers players the knowledge that the platforms they are using are adhering to stringent requirements when it comes to compliance, protecting them against unscrupulous operating procedures that may exist in unregulated markets.

Customer support and transparency

Prior to opening an account or opting in to certain features, it is advisable to read through a company’s terms and conditions relating to goods and services. Doing so is an essential part of informed consent, bearing in mind that the terms and conditions must offer full disclosure and transparency within all the contexts it is required at an online casino. Player peace of mind when it comes to understanding bonus offers as well as financial transactions (deposits and withdrawals) is a must.

The legal framework that governs the language of our Terms and Conditions is there to provide player protection and to ensure compliance is prioritised every step of the way. Players can find out more by reading through our Bonus Terms & Conditions, too, so that an opt-in offer is fully understood before acceptance. Information players may want to know is usually contained within the Ts&Cs, although Wildz has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Customer Support (Live Chat and email) to assist with any clarifications that may be needed.

Being informed about all the options available at Wildz is an important part of an enjoyable online casino experience.

Responsible gambling

At the heart of the Wildz code of ethics is the need to ensure that Responsible Gaming guidelines and practices are adhered to. There are dedicated tools and resources in place to ensure that players are equipped to manage their time and spending limits, as well as safeguarding against problem gambling.

Responsible Gaming refers to these guidelines and processes that provide players with the tools they need to manage their gambling activities, including: helping players to understand and set personal limits (time limits, net loss limits, wagering limits and deposit limits); providing details about time-outs for customers who feel that their gaming activities are out of control or they simply want a break; offering a permanent self-exclusion option; delivering reality checks (letting players track their gaming activities - Wildz sends a summary of these activities at 60-minute intervals during a session); supplying useful tips on the website and links to resources, as well as round-the-clock access to Customer Support.

Problem gambling can affect players and those around them, it’s always advisable for players at an online casino to be aware of Responsible Gaming guidelines to protect themselves and to prevent the onset of problem gambling.

Fair gaming

Fair Gaming is at the centre of all casino games: a game is said to be “fair” if it allows all players to have strictly the same chance of winning or losing and the same probabilities apply to every game played. There are multiple systems, tools and procedures to ensure Fair Gaming is in place at Wildz Casino.

Specifically, these include the Random Number Generator (RNG), a computerised algorithm that generates a random number that which provides a random spin or draw (playing cards) ensuring that video slots and table games cannot be manipulated; Return to Player rates (the payout percentage, or the amount that will potentially be paid back to players over an amount of time) as delivered by the RNG as specified by gaming regulations; regular and ongoing independent audits that take place; certifications through industry bodies such as eCOGRA and the adherence to strict rules provided by regulatory bodies, as well as conducting business within a Responsible Gaming framework all contribute to the responsibility held by the casino to operate in a way that ensures Fair Gaming.

Secure payments

Various Casino Payment Options are available per country/territory, according to local guidelines and legislation. Payments made to an online casino should always be made via secure payment methods that include online bank payments, bank transfers, credit card payments and eWallet payments. Always use a trusted payment provider and don’t share your personal banking information (your PIN code, for example) with anyone else. A payment made to an online casino is the same as a payment made to any online retail store, so always make sure that you are depositing funds in a secure, encrypted way to the correct source. Be sure to log out of banking/payment platform profiles when not using them.


How do I know if an online casino is safe and secure?

Always make sure that you are on the correct platform or that links received are from verifiable sources. An online casino that is licensed and regulated must display the details of their license in a visible way on their website.

Is Wildz online casino safe and secure to play at?

Wildz is registered and licensed to operate gaming activity and follows the strict rules and guidelines set in place by the regional authorities in which the company operates to ensure that players enjoy a safe and secure gaming platform.

How can I protect my financial information when playing at an online casino?

Follow the same approach to protecting your financial information as you would at any online retail platform: never share your PIN codes, always make sure your mobile device and desktop PC cannot be accessed by others and that you have signed out of all banking platforms (and not used 'remember password' features).

What should I do if I suspect a problem with an online casino?

Players can contact the casino directly to complain, or they report an online casino to relevant regional authorities (these differ according to territories) should a problem be suspected. A quick Google search for the authority in a region would provide more detailed information.

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