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The following are the rules for online Texas Hold ‘Em. Wildz.com offers many variations of poker. For full rules on each game, please check the game information details found within the options area on each game.

How to Play

The player makes an Ante bet, clicks DEAL, and is dealt two cards. The player then has the choice to CALL at 2x the Ante to see a flop or FOLD to end the hand and forfeit the Ante bet.

After a CALL, the dealer will flop 3 cards and the player has the choice to BET the Ante amount before the Turn card is shown or CHECK and see the Turn card without increasing their bet.

After the turn card, the player will again have the same two choices for the River card: BET the Ante or CHECK to see the River without a further bet.

After the River card is dealt, the dealer’s cards are shown, and the winner is revealed. All wins pay 1:1. Tie hands result in a PUSH.

Types of Poker Games

The above rules are for standard Hold ‘Em style poker games, but other variations of poker are available at Wildz.com. See the full list of rules in each game for specific gameplay and wagering rules.

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