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Is it possible to improve my location accuracy?

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If you think you need to improve your desktop/mobile location accuracy, you can try the following:

On desktop:

  • Use a modern, up to date, browser like Google Chrome.
  • Make sure you have the correct Location Permissions.
  • Avoid using the browser developer tools.
  • Disable any software that can mask or spoof the physical location of a device (e.g. VPN app, VPN browser plugin, other spoofing browser plugins).
  • Connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.
  • Test your location on a website like Google Maps (maps.google.com).
  • See where your ISP is locating you and ask them to update your IP address if inaccurate.

On mobile:

  • If connected via 3G or 4G, connect to the internet via a WiFi network physically located within Ontario.
  • If connected via WiFi, force close the app or mobile-browser and check where your maps app is locating you. If you appear to be outside of Ontario, try turning off Bluetooth and WiFi. Some public WiFi networks can route through different states/territories.
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