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Wildz Casino is popular for many different kinds of online casino games, including slots and Live Casino games like blackjack, roulette and poker in different formats. Another game that is popular with players is Bingo. While bingo may seem an unusual inclusion as a casino game, it is played widely across the world in offline and online formats. Online bingo games generally follow the same basic rules: the player attempts to fill a card with numbers to achieve Bingo. Read on to find out more about online bingo at Wildz.

Bingo gameplay

The game of online bingo, like slots, has different ways in which it is presented, but the basic game remains the same: There aren’t many rules, and they’re easy to pick up; since this is a game of chance there are no real strategies or tactics to use. All you need to do is buy your game cards, much like placing a wager, and then checking them off as the numbered balls selected by a Random Number Generator drop into play. Most online games auto check the results so you don’t need to spend time scanning your cards for a match. If you mark off all your numbers, or mark off the required pattern, then you’ll score a win.

After the first set of balls are dropped, some games allow the player to purchase additional balls for a wager. The price of additional balls varies according to how close the player is to achieving a win. For example, if a player is one ball away from reaching Bingo, that ball will cost considerably more than if the player requires 5 balls to make Bingo.

Online bingo games can award bet multipliers if certain patterns are created on the bingo cards and even trigger bonus games similar to those found in video slots. This adds an extra dimension of entertainment to the game of bingo online.

Playing bingo at Wildz

There are plenty of game options if you’re looking for a game of bingo online. Many are spinoffs of popular slots themes, like Thunderstruck II Video Bingo, Immortal Romance Video Bingo and Viking Runecraft Video Bingo. There are also more standard versions like Instant Bingo and Flying Pigs Bingo for players to explore. Each variant may come with different grid spreads and wagering options, so it’s really up to each player to select the style of online bingo they prefer.

A small difference to online bingo is that real-life bingo is generally considered a social experience in addition to the game, although online bingo has the benefit of being available whenever players choose to enjoy a round.

There are many different kinds of games worth exploring at Wildz, take a look through this handy online casino guide for an introduction.


How do you play Bingo?

Numbers with letters (such as B-2) are randomly drawn. You mark these on your game card. You'll score a win if you mark off all your numbers or the required pattern.

Can I use any strategy to win at Bingo?

Bingo is a game of chance, and all numbers are drawn using a random number generator, so there is no strategy or tactic to use while playing.

Can I buy additional balls while playing?

Most online Bingo games allow players to purchase extra balls when playing.

Is there a difference between playing Bingo online vs in real life?

The most significant difference is the social aspect of Bingo; other than that, there is only a tiny difference: online Bingo is always available to play.

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