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Can I make deposits or withdrawals if my account hasn't been verified?

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At Wildz, we make sure that customers have access to the infomation they may need for reassurance when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals. Some players may not be certain if they can make withdrawals or deposits without having their account verified. If you are in that position, read on to put your mind at ease.

Even without undergoing full account verification you are able to make a reasonable level of transactions, so modest payments are accepted without the need for account verification, unless abnormal activity is picked up by our teams.

If you’re making payments beyond certain thresholds or if our Payments team picks up irregular account activity, a full KYC Check may be requested. These checks are done to safeguard your account, and to protect Wildz as an online casino operator.

Should you be requested to complete a KYC Check, please upload the necessary documents directly via your Wildz account in a timely fashion. If all the requested documentation is not received within a reasonable time frame, you may be prevented from making any further transactions until our Payments team is satisfied with the outcome of a pending KYC Check.

Our goal is to ensure that your play experience is a seamless one, so please do supply all information should it be requested so that continued play is possible.

Note: Since reviews are performed on an as-needed basis, we will get in touch if we deem a KYC Check on your account is necessary. Please do not contact support regarding account verification if KYC documents have not yet been solicited.

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