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Monopoly LIVE

If you ever tire of the same old casino games and fancy breaking the mould, we’ve a wheeely cool treat in store. But first, some background info.

At some point everybody has shared a table with family, friends, and anyone else within eyesight, to indulge in a fiercely contested game of Monopoly. The iconic board game carries an innate ability to cause friction between close ones, but it can also serve up bags of fun in equal measure. It’s not uncommon for games to stretch long into the night, either.

Now, for all the budding property developers out there still craving some action, day or night, check out the revolutionary offering from Evolution Gaming that has carved out a niche in its own right and propelled live casino to new heights.

In a reimagined digital settling, Monopoly LIVE was launched in 2019 to much fanfare. The title bridges old school board games with new-age mechanics while incorporating augmented reality, resulting in something truly ground-breaking sure to fire your entrepreneurial spirit - without all the sibling rivalry!

Many of your favourite features have survived, complemented by a host of fun new elements especially crafted for the digital realm. None less so than Evolution Gaming’s life-size Dream Catcher wheel, plus a virtual, street-hopping Mr. Monopoly. Intrigued? Then read on..


Load up Monopoly LIVE in the Wildz lobby to discover the developer’s pièce de résistance, the Dream Catcher wheel made famous by the title of the same name. Hang around for long enough and if the wheel lands in your favour, prepare to enter a whacky new world lined with 3D skyscrapers sat beneath floating hot air balloons - combining to give a whole new meaning to augmented really. London never felt so different!

Adding to the quirkiness, listen out for some cute sound effects to remind yourself this ain’t no ordinary board game!


More about the Dream Catcher wheel which is central to the entire game. After a good spin by our affable host, this will land on one of 54 segments marked either 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls.

Scoring a win is straightforward enough. Simply bet on the outcome of the spin and hope the wheel lands on any segment you backed, with your winnings multiplied by a factor of the spin outcome. So, you double your money if you correctly wagered on 2, while any returns are given a tenfold boost if this was the correct segment you backed (10) - and so on.

Reeling in moderate sized wins give your bankroll a nice enough sweetener, but not of the level designed to raise you out of your chair. That’s where the game’s feature highlights come in, each explained in further detail below.


Say hello to Mr. Monopoly whenever the wheel ends up on one of the two Chance segments. He’ll come bearing gifts; well, a random card to be precise, which promises either an instant cash prize or a multiplier spin bonus.

Multiplier Bonus

  • The value of the latter is determined by a new spin of the wheel while all current bets remain locked in place, and the resulting outcome is applied to your bet if you backed Chance pre-spin. Get ready to boost your winnings further if the spin arrives at yet another multiplier, which is then applied to the first. With the possibility of unlimited recurring multipliers, there’s no ceiling on your potential returns - making this a high roller’s dream!

Instant Cash Prize

  • Should the Chance card reveal a cash prize, this will be awarded to all players who bet anywhere on the wheel initially - ranging from 5x to 100x their bet.


The game truly comes alive whenever the wheel lands on either 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls. This is when we’re reacquainted with good ol’ Mr. Monopoly, but in a unique twist, prepare to join him in parallel augmented reality universe as he sets off on a promenade around the board in the hunt for multiplier wins.

The usual Monopoly fixtures are all present. Expect to find squares like Community Chest and Go vying for street space with a selection of properties commanding a range of prices. Starting values for each property come in at anywhere between 1 and 100. As you might guess, Mayfair represents the primest real estate, and is the most expensive building in the game. Watch as the starting values rise according to the segment you bet on in the previous base game. Betting on 2, for example, will see the values of all properties in the Rolls round doubled - to 2-200.

As in life, price fluctuations mean properties can gain value over time, as they’re snapped up and developed into highly desirable dwellings. This means you could snaffle a win on Mayfair worth a whopping 10,000x with the help of a Chance multiplier card. Not bad for a stroll around the city!

Kicking off the feature, a pair of digital dices are rolled twice or four times, depending on the segment that triggered the round, to unleash Mr. Monopoly on his quest. Every time he lands on a property, a cash prize is unlocked equal to the value of that property. Mirroring the original, he’ll prolong his journey whenever doubles are thrown.

If Mr. Monopoly makes it past Go, each of the values receives a 2x price boost. The fate that awaits you behind Chance and Community Chest are less clear-cut, however, and could curtail your efforts to reign supreme, while the Taxman will come calling if this square is triggered. And you don’t need us to tell you, but try to avoid Jail!

Monopoly LIVE on Mobile

You can enjoy this revitalised edition of a board game classic wherever and wherever you are, as the game runs seamlessly across most handheld operating systems.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Android or iOS owner, sat on the train or lazing in your pyjamas, get hunting for Rolls day or night in Monopoly LIVE.


With a lower-than-average RTP, the Rolls bonus rounds yield the most handsome rewards on the rare occasion these are activated - accounting for the title’s high volatility rating.

The game is not for the feint-hearted, and those satisfied with a guarantee of more diminutive returns may be best advised to seek out another title at Wildz more to their liking.

The Verdict

Monopoly LIVE has won legions of fans in the short time since its release in 2019 - and it’s not hard to see why. A next-level game engine, one of a kind bonus game and interactive game studio are just some of the reasons players have flocked to this title.

The concept and design mix that go into captivating creations such as Monopoly LIVE need to be balanced carefully against their execution, ensuring to retain the charm of the original while adding in modern touches. For effort alone, Evolution ought be applauded in this regard.

With all things taken into consideration, the software house has well exceeded expectations. Evolution effortlessly manage to capture all the suspense of the board game we’ve come to know and love, dusting a sprinkling of magic to mark this out as a sure-fire industry classic.

Despite the low RTP, which can stoop to 91.3% at times, the game is worth any casino player / board game enthusiast’s time, and it gets 5 big fat stars from Wildz.

Play Monopoly LIVE at Wildz

With Monopoly LIVE, Evolution Gaming has raised the bar for all nascent game providers eyeing the burgeoning live casino space. Online gaming’s fastest growing genre encompasses some of the most exciting creations of recent years, and you can try these out today at Wildz.

Have a browse of our Live Casino library to discover an array of titles ranging from casino table staples to board game and TV adaptations. Most are offered in demo version too, letting you have a feel of these games without dipping into your bankroll.


How many segments are there in the Dream Catcher wheel?

A total of 54 segments can be found on the wheel, marked either 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls.

How do you prompt Mr. Monopoly to set off around board?

Mr. Monopoly begins his stroll in the hunt for prizes after the wheel lands on either 2 Rolls or 4 rolls.

What is the biggest multiplier recorded in Monopoly LIVE?

In February 2020 a series of players shared a record multiplier win worth 6,400x playing Monopoly LIVE.

Kann ich Monopoly LIVE bei Wildz spielen?

Nein. Aufgrund geänderter Vorschriften sind Live Casino Spiele auf dem deutschen Markt nicht mehr erhältlich.

RTP: 93.40%
Min/Max Bet: € 0.10 – 5,000.00
Volatility: High (8/10)
Platform: Desktop & Mobile
Developer: Evolution
Game Type: Live Casino

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